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Mercure Hotel Deventer    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Deventerweg 121
7418 DA Deventer
99 rooms  ·  
Mercure Hotel Deventer is a friendly and at the same time very functional hotel on the banks of the IJssel river and close to the charming Trading City of Deventer.

Mercure Hotel Dordrecht    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Rijksstraatweg 30
3316 EH Dordrecht
96 rooms  ·  
A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, situated nearby to the peace and quiet of the Biesbosch and the activity of Rotterdam and Breda. The hotel has 96 rooms and is located along the most important highway A16 (Breda-Rotterdam). The hotel has a large free parking.

Mercure Hotel Haren - Groningen    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Emmalaan 33
9752 KS Groningen
97 rooms  ·  
A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, eminently suitable to use as a base in your discovery of the north of the Netherlands and the Wadden. The lively University town of Groningen is only a few minutes away by car.

Mercure Hotel 's - Hertogenbosch - Rosmalen    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Burg. Burgerslaan 50
5245 NH  Rosmalen
82 rooms  ·  
A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, which is only 10 minutes by car from the historic city centre of 's-Hertogenbosch. The hotel offers you an excellent starting point for the discovery of Brabant, from the Peel in the southeast to the rivers in the north.

Mercure Hotel Utrecht - Bunnik    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Kosterijland 8
3981 AJ  Utrecht
80 rooms  ·  
Mercure Hotel Utrecht-Bunnik is beautifully situated in the centre of the Netherlands. Utrecht is nearby and has many shops and a great nightlife. On the Utrechtse Heuvelrug you can wander through nature. A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, which allows you - literally - to go in any direction.

Mercure Hotel Zwolle    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Hertsenbergweg 1
8041 BA  Zwolle
72 rooms  ·  
A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, with surroundings that deserve to be discovered. Zwolle is an old fortified and hanseatic town and has a great deal of history to offer. It has an excellent shopping area and an inner city full of atmosphere. The hinterland, such as the Kop van Overijssel and the IJsseloevers are beautiful examples of unspoilt nature.

Mercure Hotel Groningen Martiniplaza  
Expositielaan 7
9727 KA Groningen
157 rooms  ·  

Maison Du Chene    
Boschstraat 104-106
6211 AZ   Maastricht
23 rooms  ·  

Malie Hotel – A Hampshire Classic Hotel    
Maliestraat 2
3581 SL   Utrecht
45 rooms  ·  

Mandarin Park Plaza  
Geldropseweg 17
5611 SC Eindhoven
102 rooms  ·  

Marienpoel Hotel    
Marienpoelstraat 1 A
2334 CW  Leiden
9 rooms  ·  

Maritime Hotel Rotterdam / Zeemanshuis Rotterdam    
Willemskade 13
3016 DK   Rotterdam
165 rooms  ·  

Marmi Hotel    
Leemkampsw 51
6415 RP   Heerlen
9 rooms  ·  

Martini Budget Hotel  
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8
9711 HG Groningen
74 rooms  ·  

May Flower Hotel    
Beestenmarkt 2
2312 CC  Leiden
15 rooms  ·  

Mazzel Hotel    
Achter de Molens 15
6211 JC   Maastricht
9 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Arnhem  
Europaweg 25
6816 SL Arnhem
83 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Breda Centre  
Stationsplein 14
4811 BB Breda
40 rooms  ·  City Center area

Mercure Hotel Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche  
Hilversumsestraatweg 14
3744 KC Baarn
25 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Maastricht Aachen Airport  
Vliegveldweg 86
6199 AD  Maastricht
62 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Nijmegen Centre   
Stationsplein 29
6512 AB  Nijmegen
104 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Noordwijk   
Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard 8
2202 GS  Noordwijk aan Zee
82 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Nulde-Putten   
Strandboulevard 3
3882 RN  Putten
84 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Papendrecht   
Lange Tiendweg 2
3353 CW  Papendrecht
76 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel The Hague Central  
Spui 180
2511 BW Den Haag
159 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Theatre & Conference Centre Lelystad   
Agoraweg 11
8224 BZ  Lelystad
86 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centre    
Heuvelpoort 300
5038 DT   Tilburg
63 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Utrecht / Nieuwegein   
Buizerdlaan 10
3435 SB  Utrecht
77 rooms  ·  

Mercure Hotel Zoetermeer   
Boerhaavelaan, wijk 13
2713 HB  Zoetermeer
60 rooms  ·  

Movenpick Hotel  
Stationsplein 8
2275 AZ Voorburg

Movenpick Hotel  
Pettelaarpark 90
5216 PH Den Bosch
76 rooms  ·  

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