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Mercure Hotel Zwolle    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Hertsenbergweg 1
8041 BA  Zwolle
72 rooms  ·  
A friendly and at the same time functional hotel, with surroundings that deserve to be discovered. Zwolle is an old fortified and hanseatic town and has a great deal of history to offer. It has an excellent shopping area and an inner city full of atmosphere. The hinterland, such as the Kop van Overijssel and the IJsseloevers are beautiful examples of unspoilt nature.

Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes / Restaurant Bon Aparte   
Stationsweg 7
8011 CZ  Zwolle
57 rooms  ·  

Campanile Hotel & Restaurant Zwolle    
Schuttevaerkade 40
8021 DB   Zwolle

City Hotel Zwolle    
Rode Torenplein 10-11
8011 MJ   Zwolle

Hotel De Koperen Hoogte  
Lichtmisweg 51
8035 DB   Zwolle
16 rooms  ·  

Hotel Fidder    
Koningin Wilhelminastr 6
8019 AM   Zwolle

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