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Airport Hotel Texel    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Postweg 124
1795 JS Texel
10 rooms  ·  De Cocksdorp area
The 4-star Airport Hotel Texel is unique because of its location, its comfort, and possibilities. The hotel has ten suites, in which you will be warmly welcomed with a bottle of wine on arrival. From your room you can access your pivate balcony or patio, and enjoy the view of the most green and atmospheric airport in Europe.

Grand Hotel Opduin Texel    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Ruijslaan 22
1796 AD Texel
96 rooms  ·  De Koog area
Proudly on the high blond dunes, centrally situated in The National Park De Duinen van Texel, less than two hundred metres from the North Sea beach, lies the majestic Grand Hotel Opduin.

Havenhotel Texel    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Haven 2
1792 AE Texel
6 rooms  ·  Oudeschild
Uniquely situated at the entrance of the harbor of Oudeschild you find Havenhotel Texel. This beautiful hotel with restuarant and cafe is located in the former headquarter of the Texel Steam Boat Company (TESO). The trendy rooms overlook the Wadden Sea of the lively fishing harbor.

Hotel Cooghen De Koog    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Dorpsstraat 10
1796 BB Texel
52 rooms  ·  De Koog area
Hotel Cooghen is situated on the beautiful island Texel, which is part of the Dutch Wadden Islands located in the northern part of Holland.

Hotel Ouwe Dijkstra De Koog    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Nikadel 5
1796 BP Texel
12 rooms  ·  De Koog area
Hotel Ouwe Dijkstra is situated on the island Texel in the lively village 'De Koog' and within walking distance to the forest, beach and dunes.

Hotel Rebecca Texel    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Hogereind 39
1793 AE Texel
19 rooms  ·  De Waal area
Hotel Brasserie Rebecca is located at one of the most beautiful spots of Texel, with in its direct vicinity North Sea beaches, dunes, Waddensee, wood, nature- and bird reservations. Iy has its own parking facillities, cycle hire, jeu de boules, and a large garden with a sunny garden terrace..

Hotel Zeerust Texel    Real-Time Rates and Availability
Boodtlaan 5
1796 BD Texel
18 rooms  ·  De Koog area
Hotel Zeerust lies in the Koog, a village to the foot of the dunes. From the hotel you walk in less than 5 minutes to the broad clean North sea range, and the beach starts immediately to the edge of the village!

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